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A3 Size (Large) Custom Portrait - People/Pets


Welly's Wonders

A3 Size (Large) Custom Portrait - People/Pets


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A bespoke artwork from our resident artist, Adam Murphy, in his own original style.

A Custom Portrait is a memorable keepsake and wonderful gift for your family, friends, or someone special. Capture loved ones and/or beloved pets in a one of a kind artwork.


Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's or Father's Day, or to simply celebrate a special occasion. 

This is a fine, custom made A3 size portrait drawing on acid free paper with pencil. All artwork is signed and dated by the artist.


 How does it work? Please read carefully…


Step 1 -  Please choose how many subjects (people or pets) will be in the image via the dropdown box. The price will adjust accordingly depending on how many subjects are in the portrait. 


* If you have 6 or more subjects we suggest choosing the A3 Custom Portrait - this is twice the size on an A4 and will definitely look better and not so ‘squashy’. 


Step 2 -  Once you have completed your purchase online, please submit your information and at least 3 good quality images of each of the subjects via email at info@wellyswonders.com.au to start the process of creating your custom portrait. 


Please choose photos carefully - make sure that the photos are how you want the subjects to be represented (we can only work with how we see the subjects in the photos). Make sure photos are of good quality and reasonable close up of the subjects. No sunglasses and from a few different angles so our artist can see profiles.


Keep in mind - the photos are the only representation we have of the subjects. Most likely, we’ve never met them! We don’t know their personality or traits, so if you’d like to write a few lines about them in the email, that would really help.


How long will it take? -  Portraits will take approximately 4 weeks to complete and then will be posted out to you. All portraits are shipped via Australia Post and flat-packed in a protective plastic sleeve and a hard boxboard backing.



 - All artwork will be in a similar style to the images you see with this product listing. Drawings, unless otherwise stated, are from the shoulders up.

 - The finished artwork is a drawing and the artist's representation of the subject in his original style.

 - This price is for a single portrait, without framing.

 - All artwork is copyrighted and the intellectual property of the artist and Welly’s Wonders. It is not to be used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission.

- Welly’s Wonders retains the right to use the artwork for their own commercial purposes, e.g. website, advertising, etc.


 About the artist: 


Adam started work as an animator for Disney at just 15 years of age, one of the youngest animators to ever work for the studio. He has spent the past 25 years working as a Lead Artist and Animator for Disney, Lucasfilm and other major film and animation studios. Adam has worked on some of the world's biggest film franchises such as The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lady and The Tramp, Bambi and Lilo & Stitch. He has recently completed work on the latest instalment of the Lego Movie franchise - The Lego Batman Movie. Adam is currently working on the Peter Rabbit movie.


Adam creates all artwork for Welly's Wonders, including art seen on our prints and illustrated children's books.